Questions for Act 1 presenters

This morning (Friday, March 30th), at the close of Phase 2, we heard an oral presentation on Act 1. Put your questions for the presenters in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Questions for Act 1 presenters

  1. Your combinations of the tools were effective and convincing, and the way you divided yourselves by character was a good method for slicing this act into different components.

  2. Like others using Wordhoard, Richelle searched for a single word (‘friend’). One of the most consequential decisions in this work is deciding which words are worth searching — so I think it would have been worth searching for some synonyms or (in WordSeer) ‘related words’. That way you could make a more convincing case by spreading your net wider.

  3. I’m still not sure if you’re arguing that Horatio and Hamlet are friends, or not. The tools seems to give inconsistent or even incompatible results.

    • Sorry for the confusion! Perhaps I can clarify my argument now. I DO think that Horatio and Hamlet are friends. I do not think they have been friends for long (as shown by the quote used in the presentation in Act 1, where Hamlet confirms Horatio’s name)
      To reinforce my opinion of Hamlet and Horatio’s friendship, I used the word count function on Wordhoard to investigate the usage of the word “friend” by Hamlet himself. My results revealed that the only time Hamlet genuinely says the word “friend” is in Act 1, while speaking to Horatio. This leads me to believe their friendship was genuine.
      Overall, I found it difficult to yield useful results on the friendship of Horatio and Hamlet. I tried various searches only to be left with zero results found! You may be wondering why I pursued this aspect of Act one if I was experiencing such difficulty. The answer is that I thought it added significance to my “overlooked” theory. That being said, I understand how my search results may now be interpreted as contradictory or confusing as this theory, used in my blog and presentation, has been proven useless…tragically. (Something I was not aware of until reading yours and Aditi’s reply to an older blog of mine yesterday…the day after the presentation)
      I take full responsibility for the misleading information used in my Wordseer searches. Being the expert of that tool, I should have known to look up the actual lines in which the word is used. I think I got a little too excited at the prospect of Wordseer finding something I found so interesting and relevant.
      As Aditi mentioned in her reply to my post, I suppose this is the first lesson of the Digital Humanities:
      1: ALWAYS be sure you are using reliable sources before getting excited!

      I hope this has provided you with a stronger sense of the point I was trying to present. If you have any more questions, please let me know!


  4. Was there one tool that you found answered your questions best? Was it different for each character?

    • For me personally I really liked using WordHoard, I took advantage of the fact that I was able to see the speaker and the context of the words that I was searching. I thought that that allowed me to get more accurate and relevant results.

  5. Kate- I noticed that your group used a lot of tools in combination with one another but you were the only person to use Monk, is that because it wasn’t helpful or because you didn’t want your group to deal with the evils of Monk?

    I also noticed how you choose to look at characters which was really neat and I was happy to see that you were able to use Monk for character analysis with the use of another tool.

    • Once my teammates and I had divided up our characters, we came up with our own methods of figuring out how to look at our character’s development. Usually the case was that one person would ask a question such as “who’s tool can look up lemmas?” or something along those lines, and one or more teammates would respond with “my tool does!”. I found that Monk didn’t have the capabilities to answer the questions that my teammates had asked. So yes to sum that all up I didn’t find it very helpful for others, but you’re also correct when you said that I just didn’t want everyone else to have to deal with “the evils of Monk”.

      I’m glad to see that you and Kesley got some use out of it though, I’m not sure about Hannah and April, but we shall find out when they present!

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