Questions for Team Voyeur/Voyant

Today (Monday, March 12th) Team Voyeur/Voyant presented on their Phase 1 results. Questions from their colleagues are in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Questions for Team Voyeur/Voyant

  1. Thanks Katie for prepping the text file for everyone to use in their analyses, to distinguish Grte from Gertrude!

    • The bubbles are similar to the word cloud, where the most commonly occurring words appear larger than others. So same results just a different visual!

  2. If you want to compare two texts, e.g. the modern and the historical texts, would you need to open two tabs / windows?

    • No (and I should have mentioned this!!) You can upload multiple texts at the same time and compare them all together. I uploaded both the historical and modern versions together in the search bar and they both appeared together in one page.

  3. Some of the other groups are finding that their tools are more useful for large-scale texts rather than 3.4 alone. Did you find that, too?

    • Our tool was very effective for looking at a smaller-scaled text such as 3.4. We did not have the same issues because Voyeur gave us results instantly and allowed us to compare all the words in various ways depending on the Voyeur tool you choose to use. You can compare many different results side-by-side.

      • It was no doubt limiting, but there certainly weren’t deprived of information or fields of interest within the strict limitation of 3.4. Evidently, there is a wealth of information for analysis when looking at the entire play/any larger text.

  4. Voyeur worked well with 3.4, but I still felt like i was really limited and couldn’t fully take advantage of what the tool could offer.

  5. Wow, no delete or edit comment button? Okay, let’s try that again:
    *it was no doubt limiting, regardless of whether or not you are using a tool, you can always discover more using a scene in conjunction with others/the rest of the play.
    *we certainly weren’t deprived…

  6. it is really easy to just upload multiple files into voyeur, I do not know for sure about loading multiple url’s in but I am sure that it would work just as well.

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