Questions for Team Wordhoard

Today (Monday, March 12th) Team Wordhoard presented on their Phase 1 results. Questions from their colleagues are in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Questions for Team Wordhoard

  1. Appreciate your honesty (as in your blog posts) about your initial impressions, your questions, and your process.

  2. I think the distinction between you and thou is that you is formal, while thou/thee/thy (etc.) are informal. Like French: vous vs. tu.

  3. Wordhoard seems to allow one capability that others don’t: the ability to search lemmas instead of words (if you want to). How did that help you investigate these queries?

  4. Wordhoard seems to give you great results, but lacks visualizations of them – unlike Voyeur, for instance.

  5. Did having to “know what you’re looking for before looking for it,” assist in cementing your understanding of 3.4? We (Voyeur group) struggled for a while with coming up with a single hypothesis to settle on. To have to come up with a worded question to then look up in WordHoard seems like it would provide precise results, with little ambiguity left to interpret.

    • It is really good to help if you already know something or have a fairly good idea about something and are trying to compare it, but it can be very disheartening when your search yields zero. As long as you are looking for something rather specific WordHoard is great because it cements it, but when it comes to general questions or looking for questions it becomes annoyingly unhelpful.

  6. Excellent move to think about / raise the prospect of how Wordhoard could be complemented by the other tools; Phase 2 here we come!

    • I believe that TAPoR will be an excellent tool to use as a jumping off spot during the next phase. TAPoR and its capability to highlight words or the word list tool, will help the other programs pull out important texts without having to do that part manually. I can see how TAPoR will be of value when using against other analysis tools.

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