Why, Why, WHY??!!! Wordseer- give me a break will ya!

I found going through Wordseer this time to be frustrating once again! I would say shocker out of sarcasm because it would be something expected (and roll my eyes at the same time)…only this time I wasn’t expecting it. So I’m going to say it was a shocker because I honestly was shocked out of my mind! And that’s NO sarcasm, really! Although I know how to use it, it just so happened that everything I clicked gave me blank pages or no results. I’ve been trying to configure this program for more than an hour and it pains me to say it…I had zero outcomes! It was working so well for me during my phase 1 project that I can’t understand why now I can’t find anything I had found before. I’m still able to make snippets, and find related words or a heat map on one particular word. But I feel like I’m back at square one because it’s not simplifying my results. What I mean is that I can’t figure out how to separate the act, and more specifically- each scene in that act- giving me GENERAL information on the whole play which completely sets me further away from my main objective. I would leave it be, but I know Aditi fixed this issue so I’m determined to use it to my advantage, EVEN IF IT KILLS ME… which it totally is. My objective is to figure out the significance of act 4 giving me clues on words in each scene telling me more about each character and their means and objectives. My whole purpose for this blog was to figure out the relationships of the characters in this part of the play and what words give me that source of information. I’m sorry professor, but I find myself hating computers more and more, and going back to my Hamlet text to find something that Wordseer should have been doing for me.

Aditi, the developer has been great throughout, but I don’t get why it works for me sometimes and leaves me hanging other times. I know what it can do, that’s the thing! Wordseer helps me find amazing things.  For some reason however, the simplest things on Wordseer are causing delays, taking too long to load to find anything because the page has come across an “error.” I’m sure though once I figure out how to fix these little bugs that I will find more of what I’m looking for. It would help if my computer was fast enough and allowed me to visualize just act 4 from the rest of the play.

I know Madelyn, a member from my phase 1 group was able to find helpful insight from Wordseer on a word tree and heat map when it showed a scene in her act alone. I’m hoping she’ll be able to show me (or whoever in my previous group) what I’m missing, whether it’s a step or if I’m clicking the wrong things. Once they show me, I know it will be so much better where I can use all of Wordseer’s capabilities for my act and see how Shakespeare differentiates act 4 from the rest of the play. As mentioned before in my last blog, I wanted to find specific words that each character says and find related words to know what they really mean (going to the “backstairs world”) and seeing if I was right in knowing their fake and honest relationships.

I guess the most frustrated part for me is knowing that I am getting behind the rest of my group. They have information on what their programs have offered on act 4, where I’m still trying to figure out why I can only seem to read Hamlet from the corpus and that’s it. The funny thing is that this time, it didn’t even allow me to create a collection, and when the box appeared to let me add act 4 to it, I checked the collection box to find it empty. Aaargh! I need to figure out what’s going on with Wordseer so that I can properly include my input with the rest of my group and determine how we’ll organize our presentation on act 4 depending on what each program offers us. How am I supposed to give feedback on a certain character when I can’t even find the significance of act 4- making me unable to find anything useful for that character in act 4. This is so messed up! Phase 1 Wordseer group- I desperately need your help! Phase 2 group, please be patient with me.

2 thoughts on “Why, Why, WHY??!!! Wordseer- give me a break will ya!

  1. Ayesha,

    I wouldn’t worry a great deal about the issues you are currently facing with word seer, as I faced similar concerns up until just this afternoon. I don’t know if you have tried this, as of yet, but the measure that seemed to work for me, and has allowed me to use the tool to its full potential since, was switching to the Google chrome web browser. Word seer, when I ran it on Internet explorer, returned multiple error messages, responded slowly to searches, and did not allow me to create collections (I would click on the create collection section and nothing would appear), however, as soon as I logged into my account on the chrome browser, the collections I created that did not appear while I was using explorer appeared as they initially should have, and I was able to create more collections, experience faster results, and isolate acts and scenes from the plays, at will. In regards to isolating acts and scenes, try selecting Hamlet in the read and annotate feature, and wait a moment for the tool bar to load on the right hand side, which should display the title for each act and scene, with a check box next to them. Select the check box and then “add items” and create your collection. These steps were what worked for me, and I have been exceptionally pleased with being able to isolate the acts and scenes, and have even gone so far as to compare Hamlet Act Five (my new group’s assigned act) with the fifth acts of Macbeth and Titus Andronicus (two respective Shakespearean tragedies) in inputting the same words on three different heat maps using the three different collections. I hope that this is of some assistance to you, as I know that these tools can be unpredictable, and may not work for some people at different times for different reasons, while working for others. Hang in there, and best of luck with your research,


    • Dane,

      Thank you so much! I will do it on Google Chrome and do exactly what you say. I really appreciate you taking the time to get back to me, I felt bad not being able to find valuable data and information to share with the rest of the group. Wish you all the best in finishing your project and good luck on your presentation!

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