Questions for Act 4 presenters

This morning (Wednesday, April 4th), at the close of Phase 2, we heard an oral presentation on Act 4.

Put your questions for the presenters in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Questions for Act 4 presenters

  1. The Claudius>Laertes manipulation compares well to the Iago>Othello one, using Wordhoard. Allison also found that comparing Lady Macbeth to Ophelia didn’t give her much, but suggested ways to expand this investigation.

    In DH circles they call this “productive failure.” Worth exploring further!

  2. Great presentation!
    I thought your examination of tragedy in Act Four was very interesting, and I thought you had some great ideas. Personally, I have never read Othello and do not know the play at all, so I was wondering what made you choose to compare Hamlet’s characters to those seen in Othello? Was it an observation made by reading the two plays, or made by comparing them within a tool?

    • Some of us had read Othello in high school, so we had an understanding of the main characters, but because it’s been a while, we also searched it on spark notes. This helped us with the general overview and deciding which characters to compare from Othello to the ones in Hamlet (this is why both Hamlet and Claudius were compared to Iago– we found similarities between them all from spark notes and thought it would be interesting to see if Hamlet and Claudius were similar by using the roundabout way of comparing to Iago. Because Hamlet and Iago weren’t too similar once compared with our tools, we concluded Hamlet was also different from Claudius).
      Anyway, after spark notes and using Kira and Katy’s tools to find most frequent words used, I put the same words in for the characters we decided to compare based off our brief overview of them. Hopefully that answers your question and isn’t too convoluted!

  3. Impressive TAPoR ideas, Kira – character words; unravelling their drive
    wordhoard – aiyesha?? loved the lady macbeth and ophelia comparison

    I really liked what you did with TAPoR! Using descriptive words and words associated with specific characters to unravel their drive/motivation. It gave me a lot to think about 🙂
    I also really enjoyed what was done with WordHoard with the interactions with Lady Macbeth and Ophelia. The comparisons drawn between the two were insightful and brought across to the class very effectively.
    I don’t really have a question to pose, but I had to put forward my kudos here – great job!

    • Oh, thank you, Nicole! I find this is the only thing I am able to do with TAPoR. As long as I take time to go through the words, I can be led to themes and shown a sense of character.

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