Research Project Explanation

I plan to write a research project on English 203 after the course is finished.

The purpose of my study is to evaluate the learning outcomes and levels of engagement in the course between January 2012 and April 2012. Specifically, I am interested in your experience with both the text analysis tools and the collaborative writing platform (the course blog) that we are using in the course.

The results of this study will help me to make informed decisions about changing elements of the course, and improve the ways I teach all courses in the future.

As a participant in this study you will be asked to consent to your course assignments (completed as part of the ENGL203 course requirements) and written feedback being used, after the course is finished, to help describe, evaluate, and report the learning progression. The feedback will consist of a written survey in April 2012.

I will also use aggregate Universal Student Rating of Instruction (USRI) scores, which measure student satisfaction with the course. Your completion of the USRI is optional.

Participation in this study is completely voluntary and confidential. You are free to discontinue participation at any time. If you chose at any time not to participate in the study, none of your information would be used.

Your participation in this research will in no way affect your grade in this course. I (the course instructor) will only know who has consented to participate after final grades are posted.

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