How to write a blog post

By Hayley Dunmire

There a couple of things to remember when writing a blog post:

1. it is like a diary- be honest and insightful

2. no stuffy language: keep it light but formal

3. what you say must have meaning and depth – you can’t just say anything

4. just because it is a blog doesn’t mean that all your essay writing goes out of the window

Be Honest

A blog is a process of writing, meaning that it is how you got to your findings as opposed to showing what you found out. How you get your findings also includes the good and bad that you find with it. However just because you are allowed to show the bad doesn’t mean that your blog becomes one giant rantl it has to have meaning and substance behind it.


The language of a blog part of what makes it a blog. It is a combination of both formal and informal–in that it is nothing like the language used in a formal essay where it is stiff and has no emotion or personal connection tied to it, or the language we use when we text people where it is a jumbled mess of missing words and symbols. It is a combination of the two: it looks at your personal experience of learning and association with the language that can be easily comprehended and understood but still has a sense of class.


What you have to say is still important in that the meaning and depth behind something has not evaporated. Just because the formality of the language has disappeared, does not mean the substance has to go as well. The whole point of a blog is to get your message across, so make sure what you have to say is important.


Just because a Blog isn’t as formal as an essay doesn’t mean that the format of the post can be whatever you want. It should still be as organized as an essay with an intro, body and a conclusion. Your Blog post should also include a theme and thesis, which your Blog should rotate around. For the body of your essay you should include screen shots to act as examples to your body paragraph which supports your blog post.

Overall a Blog post is like a fancy diary entry with truth, class, structure as well as a meaning.


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